Documentation : MenuIcon3

Getting Started

MenuIcon3 - is simple jQuery plugin that provides animated menu icon. Menu Icon can be changed to X sign when menu bar is opened. It’s well documented and easy to integrate in your project.


First include required libraries:

jQuery >= 1.8 lib/jquery/jquery.js
Snap.svg >= 0.5.1 lib/snap/snap.svg-min.js
JellyboBase - the latest version lib/jellybo/jellybo-base.min.js

Include all libraries only once even if you use more animations.
Then include animation file:


For any errors in integration check the console !


Set class jellybo-MenuIcon003 to the element

<div class="jellybo-MenuIcon003"></div>

or use the jQuery plugin

$(document).ready(function (){


Setting configuration

Passing as data-* attributes

<div class="jellybo-MenuIcon003" data-width="50"></div>

or passing object to the jQuery plugin

$(document).ready(function (){
        width: 500,




size size of the icon
color color of the icon
stroke width of the stroke
noAmin If true the icon is not automatically animated on click. You must use API functions to run the animation. (default: false)


Functions can be called on object returned by jQuery plugin

    var value = $('#elem').jellyboMenuIcon003().open();
open() Change to X sign. Is called when menu bar is opening.
close() Change to menu sign. Is called when menu bar is closing.
isOpened() Returns true if is in opened state.