Documentation : CloseIcon10

Getting Started

CloseIcon10 - is simple jQuery plugin that provides animated close icon. Close Icon animate on mouse over. It’s well documented and easy to integrate in your project.


First include required libraries:

jQuery >= 1.8 lib/jquery/jquery.js
Snap.svg >= 0.5.1 lib/snap/snap.svg-min.js
JellyboBase - the latest version lib/jellybo/jellybo-base.min.js

Include all libraries only once even if you use more animations.
Then include animation file:


For any errors in integration check the console !


Set class jellybo-CloseIcon010 to the element

<div class="jellybo-CloseIcon010"></div>

or use the jQuery plugin

$(document).ready(function (){


Setting configuration

Passing as data-* attributes

<div class="jellybo-CloseIcon010" data-width="50"></div>

or passing object to the jQuery plugin

$(document).ready(function (){
        width: 500,




size size of the icon
color color of the icon
stroke width of the stroke